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The Centro de Mi Salud Message

Dear Friends,

From my many years of experience working as a counselor, I realized the need to have a place designed to provide care for the community respecting each individual's needs based on their culture and linguistic background. To fill this gap, I sought to create a culturally sensitive place, which facilitates care for all consumers and especially the underserved. With the support and participation of a group of mental health professionals, who were part of and knowledgeable of the community and culture, Centro de Mi Salud was created in 1999.

Centro de Mi Salud strives to assist our consumers to identify and meet their needs with respect for diversity. We empower our consumers to help themselves. We are proud to provide high quality mental healthcare based on love, understanding, and professional knowledge.

On behalf of Centro de Mi Salud’s clients and the staff, I invite you to be a part of our dream.

Norma Melo Westurn, MA, LPC
Chief Executive Officer



628 Centre Street • Dallas, Texas 75208


Phone: (214) 941-0798 • Fax: (214) 941-0408



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